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In the light of the great Revolution of January 25th, Eslam Danbel, Lawyer and Legal Advisor, visited the Egyptian laborers who are working in several national projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt, in various governorates, including a visit to the project of the Metro (underground) Third Line – First Phase.

During his visit, Eslam met the Project workers and encouraged them to continue their great work, get the production wheel in motion and protect the existing State institutions, projects and infrastructure. He also stressed on the importance of confronting the irresponsible persons who try to cause damage and harm Egypt interests and security. 

Eslam also said that it was necessary not to listen to the declarations of the provocative media that may harm our homeland, security, society and the unity of Muslims and Christians, adding that Muslims and Christians were side by side in the Revolution, which reminds us of the glorious October War, in which both Muslims and Christians had sacrificed their souls and fought side by side to achieve victory and lead Egypt to a better future.

Eslam also mentioned that Egypt can only be built by the great works of its laborers, who build today for the future generations and therefore they should not deprive the coming generations from a better future.

Mr. Eslam Elsayed is an Egyptian lawyer specialized in foreigner's affairs in Egypt and promotes investment in this country "Egypt is well – positioned for foreign investment" says lawyer El-sayed.

He is specialized in protecting property owned by foreigners, phrasing trade proxies and protocols between foreign and Egyptian companies. Mr. El-sayed has a vast experience in facilitating marriage procedures and resolving divorce disputes.
He frequently visits European countries, which have offices and branches in Egypt .Canada was the last leg in his tour .he will soon travel to the US to conduct some legal works there.
Egyptian Gazette Newspaper
1- July - 2009

To whom it may concern,

I am a Filipina woman married to an Egyptian man. I have a good life and a good job in Dubai, UAE until our family went for our holiday in Egypt where my husband has destroyed our life by trying to take our 3 kids away from me. I got the kids back but unfortunately my husband, with the help of his sister, put a travel ban on the kids so they cannot leave Egypt.

Since then our lives were messed up. The kids lost 1 year in school, I lost my job and for 9 months the kids and I had to stay in the embassy shelter.

I first hired another lawyer but after waiting for 8 months, nothing has happened. I then decided to hire Mr. Eslam Danbel who is actually more cost-effective because he delivers results in lesser time. How I wish I have hired him initially. Maybe then the case would not have taken longer time, I wouldn’t have lost my job, my kids will not lose 1 year of school and we could have had continued with our normal life a lot earlier. Anyway, thanks to Mr. Eslam Danbel; he has contested the travel ban on the kids in less than a month. My kids and I can now travel and restart our lives.

Yours truly,

A Doting Mother

In a phone call during a TV show on Al Hayat TV Channel after the attempts to appease the tensed situation between Egypt and Algeria resulting from the incidents that took place during the football match between the teams of the two Countries, among the matches qualifying for the world cup contest; Attorney-at-law Eslam El Sayed, who is the lawyer of some Algerians living in Egypt, said that the Algerians living in Egypt, whether those have attended the football match between the two countries or those who have not attended the match but were present in Egypt at that time, have all denied what was published in the Algerian newspapers regarding any injuries or death incidents among the Algerian residing in Egypt and further affirmed that they have been carrying out their daily life activities normally without confronting any problems. Islam further added that such reaction was adopted by most Algerians, including students of universities and institutes as well as employees and business owners. He also mentioned that the Algerians in Egypt have resented the news published in some Algerian newspapers and described them as being fabricated and made-up by few journalists who lack experience and wisdom for the purpose of increasing the sales of their newspapers and profits. Furthermore, Eslam affirmed that the violent events that took place will never affect the strong relations between the two Countries and added that the relations between Egypt and Algeria are very special as they share great history in resisting occupation and that such history should be protected. Eslam ended his phone call wishing that the relations between the two countries will be stable and developing forever. 

Eslam took this opportunity to express his deep respect and appreciation to his Algerian brothers, clients and neighbors for their response and for allowing him to make that statement before the Egyptian and Algerian mass media on Sunday, 15 November 2009.

In a fatherly moment between Mr. Tallat Al-Sadat and lawyer Eslam Danbel during a meeting with Egypt’s law icons, and stressing dedication to lawyers’ rights and protecting their interests, Mr. Eslam El-Sayed emphasized that lawyers’ rights must be respected.

I am an American woman who has been living in Egypt for 5 years I married an Egyptian man and bought a land, house and car. last year I had the misfortune of meeting a master extortionist he had my husband taken by force and my car and 200000 LE from me, I hired Eslam to protect me in this matter he was extremely knowledgeable hardworking and creative in his approach to the problem after six weeks I still have my land ,house and car and my husband is out of danger.
In smaller matters he helped me to get an Egyptian drives license ,and in currently helping me incorporate my business.

Eslam is the lawyer to call if you have problems big or small in Egypt

H. Haase

To whom it may concern

As a general manager, I was designated by IDH a UK based company to establish an office here in Egypt. After meeting several lawyers and not feeling Confident or comfortable to work with. I finely meet Mr.Eslam El-sayed.
Mr. Eslam came across as someone who understood and appreciated  the difficulties Foreign companies and personals faced here in Egypt. After informing me of the steps and Fees of establishing accompany, I felt confident enough to issue Mr.Eslam with power of Attorney to establish IDH as accompany here in Egypt.
It was the charismatic personality of Mr. Eslam that assured me and now he is officially Appointed as the company's lawyer and legal advisor and will represent the company in All legal matters here in Egypt.
General Manager

To whom it may concern

I first established a clothing factory in Egypt in the beginning of 2008. as I am a British citizen in Egypt, I found that doing a business in Egypt was not as easy as I expected. one year into my Business I had some major difficulties with the landlord. the situation became so serious that I Had to stop my business.

I was unable to get the contents of my factory. I took professional help From our lawyer Eslam El-sayed. he dealt directly with my landlord and was able to get all my Rights and finish the dealing in a very short amount of time.

this enabled me to move forward with My business pursuits here in Egypt.

I was very pleased with the service I received from Eslam EL-sayed. and was very appreciative of How he got involved to secure my rights in the fastest and most convenient way for me. I will Always use him. and recommend his expertise to anyone. thanks to Eslam EL-sayed. I now feel Comfortable doing business here in Egypt.

Thank you

A. Uddin

  ‘Baseta’: a new service to finish government documents

Source : Daily News Egypt
Link :

Despite its introduction to Egyptians three years ago, Baseta, a service provider in completing government documentation, has only recently gained recognition after launching a Facebook page for better outreach and accessibility.

The company’s Facebook page has recently received 200,000 fan likes.
The service aims to help Egyptians to extract or renew governmental documents including ID cards, passports, marriage documents and death certificates.
“At the beginning people were concerned because the concept wasn’t common, but after they have dealt with the company they felt reassured and now our customer’s number highly increased,” said Eslam Danbel, the company’s legal consultant.
“Egyptians are ready to pay anything to avoid standing for a long time in crowded queues. Baseta helps them to finish up all mentioned services and deliver it to the home, club or work with no personal authorization and for an amount of money,” said Danbel
Although many leaving comments on the page have emphasized the company’s usefulness in cutting down wasted time, others are worried about its legality.
“I heard about the company a while ago, from its Facebook page, and have not tried the service yet, but seems good because it will keep me away of police stations,” said Shaimaa Raffat, a social media employee.
A young advertising employee Ahmed Seoudi said he heard about the service few weeks ago.
“To be honest, in the beginning I was suspicious I thought it’s a new way of fraud, but then found its safe and the idea is great,” Seoudi said.
 “The data should be delivered by the person himself not anyone else,” said Khaled Youssef, one of the legal employees.
Danbel said that the service is legally documented and has all the permissions needed form the concerned ministries.
The company’s official added the company has been already operating for 12 years in the US and Canada to help foreigners get work permissions and residency procedures in Egypt.
When asked if the company has any further plans to expand services in the future to accommodate traffic services, Danbel pointed that he would like to deal with traffic services but until that moment nothing was planned.


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