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Danbel Jet Human Resources & Training Services
Is a cooperation between Eslam Danbel with Jet Human Resources & Training Services, under a protocol of mutual understanding and cooperation between them, to work together in the Egyptian, Arabian and European markets, in order to develop the human resources in the legal section of the industrial and commercial companies, whether those companies operates within the Free Zones’ system or the Internal Investment Zone.

Danbel Jet’ services for companies:
Our goal is to enhance & develop the performance of the companies’ employees’ way of working with customers, and to move from the usual perception of customer service to the level of customer care.
So instead of the customer using the company’ services once and ending the relation as soon as he/she had fulfilled their one time needs, we will make the customer continue to use the company for his/her future needs as a result of the good treatment the customer received which created trust and confidence towards the company.

It is necessary to enhance & develop the employees’ way of interacting with clients. And that could be achieved by upgrading the employees through training programs which will qualify them to perform in the various sections within the company as well as to develop the concept and the methods used by employees to interact with the client.

Which will help companies to maintain its market policies and its financial resources and to avoid getting into legal or judiciary disputes on an ongoing basis, something which would lead to a negative impact on the company' reputation with its customers and will result in the company’ lose of its credibility and its customer’ confidence in the market, which would also lead to a decline in its financial position and its profits

That’s why Danbel Jet helps ensure the interests of the company and its personnel through continuous enhancements and development.

Danbel Jet’ services to individuals:
Danbel Jet helps legal field professionals, professionals of other fields (example: security - Occupational Health and Safety - Doctors - engineers – accountants – etc), and all administrators in general.
Our mission is to enhance and develop the performance currently required by the job market from individuals; which gives the resume with the new qualifications an opportunity to make every company seeks to interview you to find out about your qualifications, so the employer or the human resources’ manager finds that you are qualified to lead and develop the business, which gives you a better chance for obtaining a suitable job that suits your experience and developed qualifications.

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