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Business Planning Department

If you are seeking assistance with your Business, you’ve come to the right place. Our law office can help businesses of all sizes and types.

We are experienced in all types of Business Law, and we offer the following services to all of our clients: business incorporation, LLC formation, business litigation support, contract development, business compliance, insurance reviews, risk management reviews and assessments, and partnership issues. We will work with you, and act as your advocate in all the matters relating to your business that will keep it safe and operational in any event.

Our services are proven to be very effective for your business’s needs. We can also assist you in risk management programs to help eliminate and prevent losses to your business, which includes a review of your insurance to verify its adequacy.

Our expertise will offer you the following:

To establish a new business, one usually has a lot of necessary work to be done especially in a new country. You may not be sure what type of business to invest in or establish which would be productive & meets all the necessary legal requirements in Egypt.

We will assist & provide you with all the necessary information which will help you find out if your business idea has potential. And we will make sure your business fulfils all the Legal Regulations necessary in Egypt.

In the event where you do not know what business to establish, we will also help you with business ideas. Sometimes when one is planning a financial investment in order to establish a company, one wishes to create an extraordinary project.

The Egyptian economy is fast growing. We have new ideas and proudly we will share them with you. The projects we are able to offer you are complete fully developed business plans.

And we are sure those projects, which you are welcome to study in our firm, will assist you in establishing a successful business here in Egypt.