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A Foreigner's Legal Guide

You & Egyptian Law is meant as a contribution by Eslam Danbel to facilitate, simplify, and make it easier for foreigners residing in Egypt, whether they are present in the country as tourists or they are here for other business (such as investments - work - study - marriage - owners of real estate etc.).

I set forth in your hands this Guide in various publications (as hard copy, CDs, e-copy in PDF-format) tackling various themes and providing guidelines on the most important legal procedures which foreigners may need when they are dealing with either individuals or agencies, whether on the private or governmental levels.

You & Egyptian Law covers the most common legal aspects of the civil, business, personal, criminal acts as well as general legal inquiries of all types.

I wish all foreigners have absolute stability, good health and a blessed and productive future in Egypt.


How can you get a copy of ''you & Egyptian law'' guide

Please call our hotline (+2) 010-99000-900 or send an email to:
info@eslamdanbel.com, stating the place you would like us to send copy to inside Egypt or abroad.