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Real Estate Assistance

Eslam Danbel’s real estate legal services provide a complete range of services in the real estate industry for our investor and developer clients, both domestic and international. We assist sole proprietorships, partnerships, public and private corporations, and real estate investment trusts, to acquire finance, develop, operate, restructure and dispose of any type of real property. Our real estate legal services include corporate finance, litigation, securities and tax law.


Egypt has become a place where many foreigners make their homes. And due to its many tourist attractions many come to it to spend their holidays.

Once foreigners have made Egypt their new home, they begin planning financial investments.

Property investors today seeking investment in Egypt as an attractive market for a stable investment with ideal growth rates and high capital return compared to other markets. Egypt today offers a solid economic climate in which to invest. Egypt is also an emerging property market in key tourist locations and already offering excellent returns on investment, and shrewd investors are eager to get involved, while prices remain stunningly low.

Therefore you need Legal Advice and Assistance especially in purchasing a real estate.

Concerning purchasing a company, factory, villa, apartment or land in Egypt, the investor needs to be sure that the transaction is legally sound and correct.

According to Egyptian Law any foreigner has the right to purchase a Real Estate property in Egypt and register it in his/her name showing 100% of the ownership. You also have the right to get a Resident Visa if you have purchased a Real Estate unit, which cost not less than 000.

It is highly recommended that you seek an attorney’ assistance when buying a property, an attorney will enquire about any possible outstanding liens on the said property, about its current legal owner & its registration, in addition to future town planning in its area.

The investor should always consider the future re-sale value of properties in the area he/she is looking to buy in certain areas are usually enjoying continuous higher demand than others & subsequently those are low-risk and profitable areas to invest in.

Unfortunately, there are many cases when Investors arriving to Egypt forego the need of an attorney, and conduct their transactions on trusting information provided by unprofessional sources. Some properties and lands are not registered with the government or are under credit bank’ control. Most people are not aware of all the legal requirements for proper registration details which often lead to future problems.

In Egypt as elsewhere in the world the legal Requirements, necessary registration details and to avoid any loss of investment; all contracts should be finalized after they have been thoroughly checked by an attorney.

To make a proper contract is very important. All contracts must be translated and written in the languages of both parties. The translated contract should be verified and stamped by the official translator or an attorney.

We gladly welcome you in our firm to consult and discuss any of your legal needs.